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Sam Tronnes Memorial Fund Scholarship

Sam Tronnes Memorial Foundation Grant/Scholarship Winners 2015 and 2016


As of March 2016, the program will have awarded 101 scholarships and 16 grants.  The total amount awarded to date is $170,000.00. 

We awarded the following amounts in 2016:


Kyle Biggerstaff ,  Mitchell -- $2000
Peter Sanchez,  Oahe -- $1500
Sara Bachand,  Oahe -- $1500
Jaren Brue,  Sioux  Center ---$1000
David Burns,  Sioux Falls --- $1000
Lucas Anderson,  Sioux Falls --- $1000
Shelby Smoyer,  Huron --- $1000
Ellie Weinmeister,  Aberdeen --- $1000

We had 10 people making the decision and evaluating the applications.  Six of the ten persons making the decision are not from Mitchell and three of the ten have nothing to do with hockey.   We had winners from 6 different associations.  We received no applicants from Rapid City or Watertown, and only one each from Brookings and Yankton.


We gave three association grants last spring:  $1500 to Mitchell, $1500 to Yankton and $750 to NHAHA (Spearfish).

2015 Awards

The Sam Tronnes Memorial Foundation recently awarded  9 scholarships to high school seniors from the South Dakota Amateur Hockey Association on Friday, March 13, 2015.  The scholarships were awarded at the opening ceremonies for the SDAHA Varsity State Hockey Tournament held in Brookings, South Dakota.

The nine student athletes chosen for scholarships were: Paul Cramer, Huron $2500; Keaton DeJong, Sioux Center, IA $2000; Coleman Koons, Mitchell $1500; Erica Westerman, Yankton $1500; Tanner Peitz,  Huron $1000; Jacob Milbrant,  Aberdeen $1000; Ethan Klimish,  Yankton $1000; Jacey Brunsen, Mitchell $750; Austen Zerfas, Brookings $750.

We congratulate these winners of the 2015 Sam Tronnes Memorial Foundation Scholarships.

This scholarship program has just completed its ninth year. To date, the program has awarded 93 scholarships and 14 grants to be used to support youth hockey at the 8 year old and under age category. The total amount awarded in those nine years is $154,000.00

The Sam Tronnes Memorial Foundation, LLC is a 501 c3 Non Profit Organization.

Sam Tronnes Memorial Foundation Grant and Scholarship Winners 2014 & 2013

2014 Scholarship Winners

We received 31 applications for Scholarships in 2014!!!!

Congratulations to our recipients!!!

Isaac Althoff  $  2,500.00 Sioux Falls
Landon Withrow  $  2,000.00 Yankton 
Kailey Schiesl  $  1,500.00 Brookings
Luke Stratmoen  $  1,500.00 Brookings
Heather Mullin  $  1,000.00 Watertown
Brendan Sorestad  $  1,000.00 Rushmore
Gabrielle Vizcarra  $     750.00 Oahe
Kayla Nack  $     750.00 Sioux Falls
Mitch Berens  $     500.00 Mitchell
Cash Anderson  $     500.00 Oahe
Ashley Waagen  $     500.00 Huron
Logan Megard  $     500.00 Yankton 
Alexander Connor  $     500.00 Rushmore
Paige Falk  $     500.00 Watertown
Grant Winners for 2014:    
Brookings Hockey Association  $  4,000.00  
Sioux Falls Hockey Association  $  2,000.00  
Rushmore Hockey Association  $  2,000.00  
Mitchell Hockey Association  $  2,000.00  
Brandon Valley Hockey Association  $     500.00  


Association grant winners for 2013:  All associations received a $500 grant, three associations (Aberdeen, Oahe, Sioux Falls) received $1500 grants. 

Sam Tronnes Memorial Scholarship Winners for 2013

We received 27 applications from 8 associations, and awarded scholarships to players from 6 associations!!!   Congratulations to all!!

Thor Dramstad, Huron  $2500

Austin Wagner, Oahe   $2500

Dustin Santjer, Aberdeen  $1500

Devyn Prodehl, Brookings  $1000

Patrick Chapin, Brookings   $1000

Ashley Murtha, Mitchell  $1000

Nick Goetsch, Sioux Falls  $750

Thomas Hogg, Abberdeen  $750

Cara Beck, Mitchell  $500

Lacey Lynn, Brookings   $500

Kyle Mammenga, Oahe  $500