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Referee Information

Registration and Seminars

USA Hockey registration opened on June 1st.  The later in the year your local seminar is, the more important it is that you complete your online education (online modules and Safesport, if applicable).  As the season begins, the time crunch may result in your registrations lapsing if you do not have all of your "homework" complete by seminar time.

PLEASE CHECK FOR CHANGES, this site will supersede USA Hockey in regards to any differences.

If you are unable to register online, be sure to arrive early enough to get signed in at the seminar, 30 minutes ahead of start time.


September 15, 2019.  Mitchell Ice Arena 8:30AM-Lunch, Ice from 1-3 PM

Sioux Falls

September 21, 2019.  Sanford conference room at Scheels Ice Plex, 08:30 AM-Lunch, Class room.  Ice time from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM.  This session is designed for level 1 and 2 officials.

September 22, 2019. Sanford Conference room.  Scheels Ice Plex, 08:30 AM- Lunch, classroom.  This session is designed for Experienced Level 2 and Level 3 officials.


October 20, 2019; PAYSA.  8:30AM Classroom at EXPO, Ice at PAYSA from 1-3 PM


October 5, 2019.  Odde Arena board Room 08:00 AM-Lunch, classroom.  Ice Time From 12:30=2:30.  This is designed for Level 1 and 2 Officials.


November 9, 2019.  Parks and Rec Field House 09:00 AM- Lunch, classroom.  Ice Time from 1-2:30.  This is designed for Level 1 and 2 Officials.

September 28th, 2019.  Larson Ice Arena, Level 1 and 2 9AM-Lunch, Ice time from 1-3 PM

September 29th, 2019  Larson Ice Arena Level 2 and 3  9AM-1PM

Rapid City

October 12, 2019,  Level 1 and 2 Classroom at West River Electric 8:00 AM-1230.  Ice time from 1-3 PM

October 13, 2019, Level 2 and 3 Classroom at West River Electric 8:00 AM




November 2, 2019.  Classroom and ice time at the Rink.  9AM-3PM

Advanced Officiating Opportunites

To Be Updated as events open.

Officiating Education

Please keep track of USA Hockey's Clip of the week.  This weekly publication will often cover points of emphasis, and provides guidance on the standard that should be used when calling games.

Parents, coaches, players, and officials can all learn from these clips.


Also useful are the Officiating Development Program's (ODP) videos that show calls from around the NAHL and USHL.  While the penalty options may differ in youth leagues, the calls made are generally to the same enforcement standard expected at the Youth level.  Please keep an eye on these videos, too.


REMEMBER..... ALL Game Misconduct and match penalties must be reported through the USA Hockey Incident reporting system (instruction sheet below).   Any Match Penalty assessment should also be reported to the SDAHA RIC ASAP!  Use email listed to advise of Match Penalty immediately after game.

Also, major penalties included in the aggressive category should be reported in the game reporting system.  (Rule 411)

South Dakota Referee In Chief

Cade Bloomenrader of Rapid City has been appointed as the Refereee In Chief for the SDAHA.  

If you have questions on rule interpretations, testing process or the test itself, registration, or any other issues that arise during the season, please feel free to contact him at;